LJ-razz, 8.17.06: Summer Hoo Ha, revisited

I've averaged four hours of sleep each night this week!

Last night's French Cuisine Final rehash went well, I think. The menu was almost identical to the actual thing:
Summer Hoo Ha, Revisited

First Course: Brie En Croute
Almond-dusted Brie in flaky pastry, drizzled with honey, and served with strawberry coulis

Bouquet of field greens garnished with crab and mango accompanied by tarragon vinaigrette

Herb-dipped pork tenderloin with jus lie served with Anna potatoes and vegetable mėlange

Palate Cleanser
Chilled melon with port wine reduction

Grande Finale: Crėme Brulėe
Slow-baked custard with caramelized sugar, almond tuille, and strawberry garnish

The only recipes I needed to follow where for the vinaigrette and the brulee. The Brie and palate cleanser I remembered from class. The coulis and tuille I tweaked. I was busy building the other courses in class, so I didn't see how the crab and mango "chutney," tenderloin, jus lie, or Anna potatoes were prepared, so I winged them all, and they seemed to come out okay. The original menu's melange was mostly squash, but I wanted a little more crunch, so I did broccoli, cauliflower, and baby carrots, instead. Plus, the Anna potatoes were just a little crisp, and I like when my other veggetables aren't softer than my starch. I had an awesome time! I'd never had these particular four people together in a group, so it was nice to have them all together. I wish I'd been able to tighten up my timing a little, but with only one oven (as opposed to four), and two hands (as opposed to 22), I think I did all right. Good thing there were only four people (instead of 18). My guests took photos that I can send to my mom (thanks guests, especially Nikki, who brought the camera). I'm sad that my camera konked out, but I put it through a lot of wear and tear.

Then I ran into Geoff online because he'd played hookie from work, and we "hung out" for a handful of hours, which made the whole night perfect.


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