LJ-Picturing Food, 3.18.06: leftover Pepperidge Farm puff pastry

Dinner was pizza pinwheels and pizza strudel. I only needed one sheet of pastry dough, but there were two in the package. Rather than leaving the second in the freezer, I decided to use up the last of the milk and whipping cream to make some sorta cream puffs. I call them puff puffs because they're puffs in puff pastry. As Fozzie would say, "Wakka wakka!"



Hand model Max demonstrates potential for interaction:

And from the scraps there rose a monster:


Attack! Go! Go!

Dinner itself wasn't as photogenic (in other words, it was harder to personify), but it was pretty tasty.

Ghosts of dinners past...

Pasta a la Drab--whole wheat thin spaghetti with onions and garlic in browned butter sauce and a healthy dash of chili powder on top for "color" (it tasted so much better than it looked):

Pan-fried (aka chicken-fried) chicken on spinach and red leaf salad with some spontaneous lemon dressing with extra mushrooms sliced up and also fried. It was yummy, and I had the leftovers for lunch today with some mozz tossed in. Good stuff! I call it Grease and Greens. ;D


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