LJ-razz, 7.26.06: Dana responds; class final

I know it's not much, but it's a whole lot to me:
Dana Cowin responds!

What a spectacular email. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I loved your Letterman-like list.
Best, Dana

As for class, I was so enraptured by what we were doing that I didn't photograph any of our dishes. I didn't give Jen my camera to photograph the dishes. It's kind of a bummer, but we cooked so well tonight that I don't care. I'm still a little glowy from it.

I do have our menu, and I won't change the spelling of anything. I like Chef's title for the dinner:

A Mid Summer's Who Ha

First Course
Brie Encroute almond dusted Brie wrapped in a flaky pastry and drizzled w/honey

The Greens
A bouquet of field greens bound with hot house cucumber and garnished w/lump crab and mango accompanied by tarragon vinaigrette

Herb crusted pork tenderloin w/a burgundy jus lie served w/Anna potatoes and mėlange of vegetables

The Palate Cleanser
A Trio of chilled melon w/port wine reduction

The Grande Finale
Students' Choice Crėme Brulėe slow baked custard w/caramelized sugar and summer berry garnish

I was the first one to class, having left work at 2, two hours early, to get there by three. I beat Chef there. That's kinda embarrassing. Anyway, I walked in and Chef had me make the port wine reduction. We started joking around about my late-night Crėme Brulėe and he had me make those, too. RAD! Then he had me ball the melons to finish off the palate cleanser. After that, I helped make the Brie Encroute and then The Greens. It doesn't bother me at all that the only dish I didn't have a hand in was the Entrėe. We had so much fun! Jen B said she liked all the food. All of us students got to sit with our guest after we served The Greens, and after that, we'd go between sitting and eating with them and cooking and plating in the kitchen. After the entrėe, we each read our odes to Chef. Dylan was so cute and nervous introducing our odes. I told him to just do it. Since mine was the longest by far, even after editing, I went last. Everyone told me it was totally appropriate, and that was so cool, too. It made Chef and my classmates left, and that's all that really matters. I sat between Jen and Travis' Aunt Nadine and kept introducing her as my sister. Our whole table kept cracking up. I was so giddy and goofy, I couldn't stop laughing. I hope the other tables don't think I'm absolutely nuts. I really felt ten years younger.

Anyway, while we were doing our last cleanup, we were all a little melancholy, but giddy and hyper, too. Victoria and Dan gave me a hug, and I'll see everyone else again once school starts up. I chatted with Fabian for awhile after class and we promised to go back to Sophie's for dinner sometime. I think everyone's a little anxious to see how our fall classes go. Chef admitted that we were an exceptional class, especially for a summer group, because we were so easy. It makes me nervous about my two classes this fall.

An added bonus for tonight: I got my transcript evaluation back. From the looks of it, the only non-culinary class I have to take is a business class. Maybe I'll take accounting principles so I can finally understand what I edit. Har Har! My transcript doesn't show my AP English credits. Hopefully those things are still worth something in this day and age. I'll try to see an academic advisor at the college next week.

Anyway, my head is pounding a little. I've got a load of laundry in, I want to do some baking, and I need to clean house. All for now!


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