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Review: North Italia

Cross-posted from Yelp.

Red-wine-glazed short rib (in two chunks) with heirloom carrots, Swiss chard, and creamy (somewhat runny) mascarpone polenta.
Julietta: vanilla & ginger infused Smirnoff, St. Germain, lime, prosecco. Eat the flower (karma orchids are edible) if you wanna be funny and freak your date out. Or maybe they'll be totally into it!
The short: Contemporary Italian fare (pasta, pizza, and various entrees) with prices to match; tasty but slightly pricey ten-dollar cocktails; service was fast and friendly; food came out quickly; ambience fit for an intimate, dress-nice date night, clean, well-lit, modern, and comfortable--think trendy barn and without the cruddy acoustic so many hip restaurants have these days.

The long: Located on a narrow lot on the east side of 40th St., just south of Camelback, tucked away a bit so it can be easy to miss, pull in and there will be free, fast, efficient, valet parking, and the valets aren't all scary if you don't tip bec…

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