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Good Eats

Phoenix's farmers' market

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LJ-razz, 9.24.07: No rest this weekend, but much awesome-ness

LJ-razz, 9.17.07: Downtown Phoenix Public Market

LJ-razz, 9.4.07: We now return you to our regular scheduled programming

LJ-razz, 8.23.07: Table for Four

LJ-razz, 7.24.07: chocolate chip cookies for two, a few, or just you

LJ-razz, 7.22.07: three pictures (though there's only one here, of my desserts from this year's birthday potluck)

LJ-razz, 3.4.07: Spring-cleaning update

LJ-razz, 1.26.07: an update, woot!

LJ-razz, 10.18.06

LJ-razz, 8.25.06: classes

LJ-razz, 8.17.06: Summer Hoo Ha, revisited

LJ-razz, 7.26.06: Dana responds; class final

LJ-razz, 7.26.06: can't sleep

LJ-razz, 7.24.06: Wednesday is our last day in class.