LJ-razz, 7.01.06: croissants noir

On Monday, we used store-bought croissants for our croutons, and Chef said that if we ever made them by hand, we would never make them again. Since I learned how to make them in dough class (which made me atrociously confident with it even if I think they're average at best), I told him they weren't so bad to make. Dylan and Marla said they were, and I told them they weren't. I know they were talking about how hard it is to roll the dough out. If the butter isn't the right temperature or you don't place the butter right with your lock-in, you could have a huge, butter mess. For me, as always, the challenge was with (1) yeast that wouldn't jumpstart all the way and (2) my friggin' oven, as usual.

They should be rounder and without steps, and more evenly brown, and that tip shouldn't be so dark (but it was too close to the edge that the foil didn't cover).

Poor pain au chocolat. They taste fine, but they're burnt in parts.

In other news, I fabricated my first chicken today! I know I'm odd to be excited by this, but I like doing things I've never done before. I wish I had an onion to make arroz caldo, but I used the discarded pieces from the chicken to make white stock, and I put the onion in it. Tomorrow, my brother and his kids come over, and I'm going to help the kids make cupcakes for a potluck we're going to. It should be fun! As long as my oven doesn't burn them. =(


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