LJ-Picturing Food, 3.23.06: bake-a-licious!

I took the last class of the Wilton Course 1 series--fun! I can't wait to do the second course! First, there are the ever-popular/overplayed chocolate chip and white chocolate & macadamia nut cookies. Then, there's my practice board with my first icing roses, which look like cabbages because I used last week's blue icing to practice with. Finally ... our final cake.

Cookies in formation:


At ease:

Coming in for a landing:

You! C'mere!

Yum! But something's missing ...

Oh yeah!

See? Cabbages! I did these last night to practice for tonight's cake. The one farthest from the camera was my first completed rose, so it's a little flat. The one closest on the bottom row was my last one. The icing was a little warm and runny by then.

So it's spring! Happy spring. Spring means it's time to screw up my first cake of the season. Since it was a practice cake, I just used the Boston Cream cake mix from Betty Crocker. I undermixed it, so it came out really crumbly. =(

White frosting! Look, I made a shortcake! Wakka wakka!

I want to do red roses. It takes a lot of red coloring to make red icing. This is actually a tablespoon of frosting and a cup of red coloring. Ha!

I didn't want to do the Wilton cake exactly, so I did ... something else. I was pretty happy with it, though I'd overwhipped my red frosting, what with all the mixing to incorporate the dye, so the frosting was a little bubbly coming out of the tip.

I went home to eat cake and play with plating. I used the other stuff that came in the Bostom Cream kit--the filling and the chocolate topping. My friend, another foodie home chef, said the trick to plating is to make it look like something you'd get in a restaurant. Ahhh ...

Okay, this one was a little overboard. Originally, I'd stopped the striping at the rose, then said what the heck? I want chocolate! The filling and chocolate were actually kinda tasty with the decorating frosting! =) The existing chocolate smear around the bottom was ... um ... from the first piece of cake we'd had.

But when all is said and done, this is what good cake really looks like: gone.


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