LJ-Picturing Food, 3.16.06: It's so bright!!!

For the Wilton Cake Decorating class (Course 1, class 3), we were supposed to decorate with clowns, so I made clown colors, but ... I don't like clowns, so I decided to just use the drop flowers we learned. The class is fun, and for twenty bucks (including the kit), I think it's worth the time and money. =) I made a butter pecan cake, which tasted really yummy! The icing is just buttercream in various stages of stiffness.

It started with salmon orange icing:

That crept up behind the cake:

And devoured it!:

It's pie!:

Just kidding--it's cake (I couldn't think of whose name I wanted to put on it, so I wrote "PIE" on one side and ... well, you get the picture. Notice my drop flowers dropping off the cake in places. Note to self--keep track of icing stiffness!:



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