LJ-razz, 7.8.07: souffle, radiatore, and toffee bars

I had my first Wilton III class tonight, and it was so much fun. I like the other women in it, and Nancy, the instructor, is a sweet lady. Christy hired her to teach classes because she's so swamped with cake orders. She was working on a pirate boat cake and 50 accompanying cupcakes tonight, and it was cool to see it come together. I think it would be fun to do sculpted cakes. Lots went on, but I'll jump to the part where after class, I asked her if she'd consider taking an unpaid intern. She said a couple culinary students had come by asking about that. I said she should take one of them on to help her. I told her I wished I could help, but I didn't have the experience. Then she said I had more experience than they did as far as actual decorating went and that she'd rather have me in her bakery because she knew me. So if I'm lucky, I'll get to work with her this fall, and that will be really, really rad. And now, it's bedtime. Today, I'm going to try to wrangle up some summer rolls and plum sauce for Jess' potluck tonight, and start/finish some baking for tomorrow. Shellala came to hang out while I did some cooking, and it was good times. I made some yummy stuff tonight, but it's kind of a secret. I like secrets. Hope it turns out! =)

Fourth of July fallen chocolate souffle. I took it out of the oven too soon because I thought the top would burn. It had already started to. It tasted good, though, especially with the chocolate custard. I had the last of the leftovers out of the fridge the next day, toasted it in the toaster oven, and I liked it even better with the hot and cold combo. It was so nice and tall when I first took it out. The first thump on the counter was, literally, its downfall.

July's radiatore pantry cleaner dish. This had zukes, tomatoes, and rosemary.

The next day, I mixed the leftover radiatore with some cheese, sour cream, and some milk, then baked it. I also made some spareribs in Italian seasonings, topped off with the last couple sprigs of rosemary.

A test batch of toffee bars that didn't turn out quite the way I wanted. I sandwiched some ice cream between two pieces, and it was way better.


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