LJ-Picturing Food, 4.03.06: eating out, a lesson in meatballs, and more home cooking

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Infomercial: I'm getting some recipes published in a little cookbook called Food for Thought, which will be put out by an outstanding group of my CEL-mates (copyeditor listserve cronies). After some small production costs are covered, all proceeds from the book will benefit Doctors Without Borders/Medecins San Frontieres, which is "an international independent medical humanitarian organization thatdelivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics,natural or man-made disasters, or exclusion from health care in morethan 70 countries." The book is going through the editing process now. If you'd like more details, please backchannel me, or just keep an eye on CEL-ery Gear!

part i, Chino Bandido
Eating out for Stephen's birthday.

A ... unique fusion of Chinese and Mexican food. You get these ... fillings, from egg foo young to jerk chicken, and you can have it over rice, in a quesadilla, or in a burrito. If it's not over rice, you can get fried rice for a side, and eithercuban black or refried beans. With every order, you get ... a snickerdoodle or butterscotch oatmeal cookie (sorry, no pictures of these, but there are some later, kinda).

My dinner: emerald chicken burrito and red jade chicken with chicken fried rice and black beans.

The person next to me: emerald chicken with chile relleno tempura with fried rice and black beans.

part ii, Meatballs
My friend Bill taught me how to make his meatballs.

Chopping garlic.

Making bread crumbs.

Everything you need.

Rollin down the river.

The sauce, with special guest stars, mushrooms.

This is my final answer.

part iii, Chicken Marsala
Dinner at home.

This is where the magic happens. Yeah, I wish this were my kitchen; just call me a happy subletter.

Halved, pounded, and browned.

Crimini jickets!

Red red (fortified) wine.

All together, now.

Plated with leftover, decrusted tea party bread and a salad with aromatic greens, which lived up to the term when heated over the chicken. Good smells make me happy!

prelude, Cookies

Chino Bandido was a friend's birthday dinner, and I made him a batch of chocolate chip cookies. My housemate doesn't like chocolate chip, so I made fake snickerdoodles for him (fibberdoodles), and I love chocolate, so I put every last chocolate chip in the house in some for me. He ate all of his, then half of mine ... I love living with someone who loves to eat because then I won't feel "pressured" to eat all the experiments and leftovers. ;D


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