LJ-Picturing Food, 3.11.06: oh my ganache*!

sometimes I wish that
I could photoshop my food
when it looks wonky

*note to self: chop chocolate more finely when making ganache

Ganache-filled cupcakes. Originally, I was going to top these with ganache hearts, BUT I had some huge chunks of chocolate that kept clogging my tip, so I couldn't even make graceful clumps. I ended up dumping my pastry bag back into the bowl and just using a good ol' butter knife.

Vanilla cake, chocolate cake, and marble cake in the muffin papers at the rear end. I left some ganache-less for those who like ganache less.

Am I wrong for liking how shiny they are?

I tried to fix them with white chocolate without taking them out of the container, so my zigs are a little ... stunted. Heh.

I even decorated the ones I'm keeping for the homestead. =) Don't ask me to explain the blank spots where cupcakes used to live ...


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