LJ-Picturing Food, 3.18.06: leftover Pepperidge Farm puff pastry, part ii

So the puff pastry was for pinwheels, leftover puff pastry begat pastry cream. I had leftover pastry cream, and that begat choux paste for cream puffs and eclairs. I had leftover choux paste, and that begat tuna salad puffs. There is no more tuna salad. So on Sunday, she napped.

Hash and eggs:

Hash and more eggs:

Empty cream puffs and eclairs:

Tuna salad puffs (they were so yummy):

Large cream puffs for the mighty hungry:

The smaller cream puffs were less of a handful ... I could've made a really big choux:

Note to self: Work on piping technique so that my cream puffs don't have "stretch marks."

(I best be-gettin to bed.)


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