LJ-razz, 7.26.06: can't sleep

My final is tomorrow night. A five-course meal! I'm using two hours of comp time so I can leave work early and get to school so I can help with prep work. I feel like I should review the recipes, especially because I'm not quite sure which ones Chef will throw at us. He gave us a pop quiz on Monday, and while it was the same quiz he gave us for our midterm, I didn't feel prepared for it. I don't remember if I listed the correct ingredients for a bouquet garni. My brain is friend, and a lot of it is because of sleep deprivation, and the fact that I'm still up isn't helping. It's nice that I get to push my wakeup time to 7 now that I'm right up the street from work. Anyway, I sent Chef an e-mail last night after I told him that I got his Creme Brulee recipe to work, and he replied, "Snap, Way to go!" That just goes to show I have no earthly way to predict what his reaction to anything at all will be.


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