LJ-razz, 1.26.07: an update, woot!

Ok, let's see ...

My catered lunch this past Sunday was a success! My co-worker was very happy and told me the ladies all loved the food. Rad! The lady who's hosting next month's meeting asked me to cater that lunch, too! It would be nice and funny if I ended up doing all of them, though I doubt it. One of the member owns Changing Hands Bookstore, so I doubt I'd cater her lunch because she probably gets stuff done by Wildflower Market.

I started Commercial Baking a couple Wednesday's ago, and last Wednesday, we made a whole lot of different breads. It was so much fun, and my lab partner, who I had Classical Desserts with last semester, is a hoot. We're the perfect tragic match because she's allergic to gluten, whey, and dairy, and I'm watching carbs. While the rest of the class rammed bread down their gullets, we ate a few pinches and studied our well-developed gluten strands. Uh-huh. My chef-instructor is English, and I love his sense of humor. I wish I hadn't had to drop Garde Manger, but maybe I can pick it up this summer.


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