LJ-Picturing Food, 5.02.06: It's springtime. Time for a basket of cake!

I finished my Wilton Course 2 class, woot woot! Sorry--too much cake before bedtime.

I baked a test cake first because I wasn't sure what it would do ... besides bake, I mean.

First, the batter in the blue bowl. I love this blue bowl. I mix all batters in it. I knead breads in it. I serve salads in it. It's got a flat bottom so that stuff doesn't ride up the sides when I use a beater. Blue bowl? I love you.

Thick and creamy batter.

And I was afraid it wouldn't rise?

Glowing butter cake!

It's alive!!! Look at the power!!! It glows!!!

Or I just need to remember to turn the macro on. Mm, yellow butter cake!

I don't like frosting, especially because frosting always tries to upstage the ice cream!
Give it an eskimo kiss. I wanted to.

Enough with the rehearsals.

Fill the pans yea-high and put the leftover batter in cupcake foils.

Perfect! They're like ... like ... like two eggs, sunny-side up.

I have to frost the cakes, but I'll take care of the cupcakes first. Mmm, butter cupcakes ... butter cups ...

Sometimes my photos make me dizzy. I heart asterices.

Another pass, after the chocolate filigrees have melted just enough to hang.

Back to the cake, now fully cooled and roughly frosted.

Why? Because ... well, you'll see.

The other gear:



The class was fun, I loved my teacher and classmate, and I'm pretty happy with my cake. =)


Julius said…
That is quite the garland of flowers you've got on that cake! Wow. Impressive. Makes me want to take the Wilton course. =)

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