Public Market, January 5, 2008

Brussels sprouts, onion, butternut squash, and broccoli from One Windmill Farms, chocolate-dipped macaroons, and a mystery leafy vegetable from Crooked Sky Farms ...
1/5/07 public market

I'd enjoyed them just nuked or boiled or sauteed simply before but ... between the golden crusted Brussels sprouts I had for Christmas dinner and the boiled and buttered sprouts Robert's sister cooked for the other Christmas dinner, I'm definitely sold--Brussels sprouts are RAD. Butternut squash is a definite staple, and I can't turn down fresh broccoli!

Mystery vegetable--what is this?
mystery veg

publicmarket, mystery green

Mmmm ... Bread Basket Bakery's chocolate-dipped macaroons!
Bread Basket macaroons


Burnt Lumpia said…
Is that mystery vegetable nettles? What are you gonna do with them?
Julie said…
My sources have told me that it's an edible chrysanthemum leaf, commonly used in Chinese hotpots. I read that you can use them to flavor soups and stirfrys, in omelets, or have them sauteed or even raw and as a garnish. I was going to use half in a quick soup (chicken stock with shrimp and rice noodles) and half in an omelet, but it all ended up in the soup. It was yummy! Pictures to follow, though it's hard to really tell what's what through the steam ...

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