Healthy dinners (my version)

Most of what I eat actually is at least somewhat healthy! Here are some of my favorites. Recipes upon request. Or as time allows. Or after I figure out how to write jumps into blogger ...

Mystery farmers' market vegetable, (aka shungiku, agak garland chrysanthemum), shrimp, and noodle soup (mock hotpot).
chrysanthemum, shrimp, and rice noodle soup

Red peppers stuffed with apples, turkey sausage, onions, Wasa bread, and thyme.
stuffed peppers

Spaghetti sauce with homemade sauce.
spaghetti squash with sauce

Lentil soup.
lentil soup

Poached dilled salmon over leeks and spinach (one of the dinners I made for me and my hun.
poached salmon with leeks and spinach

Mapo tofu over brown rice with steamed broccoli.
mapo tofu with broccoli

Broccoli casserole
broccoli casserole

Carrot fries, courtesy of Chef Rachel
crunchy carrot fries

Splenda brulee (with actual sugar for the topping)
Splenda brulee

Vanilla bean seeds
bye bye brulee

And others I've blogged about in the recent past:
Torta with salad (and special guest star, ketchup).

Beet salad.

Zuke lasagna

Honey walnut shrimp

Pumpkin soup and stuffed mushrooms


Spinach ricotta gnocchi

Butternut fries


Julius said…
Didn't realize that Splenda can brulee. This is great. :)

Is that spaghetti squash? I think that's what I'll have for dinner tomorrow.

Hope all is well.
Julie said…
Ack, no no no! Sorry--I used real sugar for the topping, but Splenda in the actual custard. From what I've read, Splenda doesn't really burn unless it's the baking version, which is half sugar; in that case, the sugar will burn. I'm glad you mentioned that--I'll have to amend my caption! =)

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