How I keep extra tomato paste

As pats in a bag because I don't feel like fussing with an ice cube tray that I don't have room to store, anyway.
freezing tomato paste

These slip right out of the bag whenever I need them.
frozen tomato paste

It may seem fussy to smear pats out of the can and carefully place them into the bag, but of all the tips I've read and tried (ice cubes, ice blocks you saw off of, etc.), this one has worked best for me. =)


chou said…
Ooooh, great tip!
Lunch Buckets said…
I do the tomato paste thing to, but with less fuss. Spoon the whole mess in the bag, sqeeze out the air and then seal it. Flatten the paste out then fold the bag into 3rds both ways and stick it in the freezer. After it's frozen you can easily break the hunks apart. You end up with 9 hunks which is usually the amount I have left out of a can :)
Julie said…
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Julie said…
Thanks, Chou!

And thanks, Lunch Buckets--I tried that, too, but I like this neater way--just folding didn't work, and I had to squoosh the paste into the little dabs I'd need. It didn't take any longer with my little spatula, either, and these pop right out. =)

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