Public Market, January 19, 2008

The Public Market is thriving in the cold (granted, cold here is nothing like cold in, say, Wisconsin or Nebraska, where it's been in the negs). I'm glad there's a plethora of root veggies, and that not all of them are white potatoes, and I'm glad that leafy greens are abundant, because chard is delicious wilted into tomato sauce with turkey sausage.

One Windmill Farm, lotsa produce

One Windmill Farm, radishes

This was the only chocolate vendor I'd yet to visit. Thank you for the wonderful conversation ... I always have the best conversations with chocolatiers! Here we have truffles ...
Belle Fleur Chocolates

Truffles ...
Belle Fleur Chocolates

And more truffles!
Belle Fleur Chocolates

My haul. It's been so much easier to lug it around since I started bringing two tote bags to the market, but I may have to dig up another one soon!
1/19/08 market haul

Rainbow Valley Farm eggs

Eat the rainbow!
One Windmill Farm, produce

Planetary turnip (not the official title, just the sheer size!)
One Windmill Farm, turnip

One Windmill Farm, onion

Sweet potatoes, grown by a friend of Sapna (the Pierson St Ecohood, and gifted to me because she had extra (thank you!). I also picked up a delicious vanilla honey tea with lemon to warm me up, but I didn't photograph it.
Sapna's sweet potato gift

This week's Bread Basket Bakery treat--a cinnamon roll the size of the torso I wish I had ...
Bread Basket Bakery cinammon roll

And of course I bought truffles!
Belle Fleur Chocolates' truffles

Peanut butter crunch. Peanut butter and chocolate are an easy favorite combo for me, so it was the first I chose.
Belle Fleur Chocolates

Arizona buckwheat honey--sweet, earthy, nutty, floral honey combined with dark chocolate. This was my favorite--I've decided that honey and chocolate are too rare.
Belle Fleur Chocolates

White chocolate raspberry, because I love raspberry with chocolate. It had a nice, smooth, light sweetness to it.
Belle Fleur Chocolates


sapna said…
Hi !! did you try the sweet potatoes yet ??
The name of the place is Pierson St
Some times they have a booth at the market.Maybe next week they are gonna be there.
HAve a good week!! and come on wed to the market if you have time
Julie said…
Hi, Sapna!!! It's great to see a comment from you! Thank you for the correction. I haven't tried the sweet potatoes yet--maybe tonight! I'm looking forward to tasting them! I'll try to come to the market tomorrow, but if not, I'll definitely be there Saturday. Have a great week!

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