Moon cakes

In honor of having spent my New Year's in Oklahoma with my Taiwanese boyfriend and his family, I bring forth this reserved post, originally written (but never posted) in October. Dopily, I didn't take any food photos in OKC (no camera), but the food was fantastic!

Super L Ranch Market
Filipino dinner

What are those little squares, front right? Those don't look Filipino ...

These? Oh no--these are mooncakes
Ranch Market moon cake

(Wiki Wiki! Mooncake info here.)

Isn't it pretty?
Ranch Market moon cake

Mooncake bite
Ranch Market moon cake


Marvin said…
The mooncake kinda looks like a pretty-fied and ornate version of hopia.

And they've got Asians in Oklahoma?!;)
Julie said…
I always thought hopia looked like moon cakes! Without the yolk ... and this is without the yolk, so maybe it's hopia ... ?!

You haven't heard the half of it! We all went out to dim sum on my first day there, and as we drove away from the restaurant, I notices signs above the street signs labeling the neighborhood the "Asian District"! It didn't look like China Town, but it was full of Asian stores and restaurants! =D

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