Public Market, December 22, 8, and 1

The past six weeks have been so busy that I've fallen behind in everything I've wanted to post about--most notably, my Public Market posts. To this day, there's still so much produce I have yet to try, and there's something new almost every week, along with some old favorites. Here's a catchup!

December 22

602 Chocolates tart

First, they'll sink to the bottom.
Rainbow Valley whole wheat gnocchi

After a few minutes, they'll float to the top.
Rainbow Valley whole wheat gnocchi

Quickly scoop them out.
Rainbow Valley whole wheat gnocchi

And plate. Rainbow Valley's whole wheat cheese gnocchi with a drizzle of olive oil and some grated parm. So yummy, and better for low-carbers, since it's made with whole wheat instead of potatoes. It has a good bite without being chewy, and it was wonderfully filling.
Rainbow Valley whole wheat gnocchi

602 Chocolates tart

Mmmm ... the best way to handle dark dark chocolate is pair it with ... something sweet!
602 Chocolates tart

And furthermore: crispy tart shell, soft, gentle caramel, rich dark chocolate.
602 Chocolates tart

Bread Basket ginger bear
bread basket gingerbread man

Turnips, One Windmill Farm

Fennel, One Windmill Farm

Brussels sprouts, One Windmill Farm
brussels sprouts

Oranges from Dr. Hummus and acorn squash, oranges, turnips, and fennel from One Windmill Farm
acorn squash, oranges, turnips, fennel

Oranges, Dr. Hummus

Turnips, Maya's Farm

December 8

Breakfast, scene 1: Pork tamale, Nina's Place.
Nina's Place tamale

Breakfast, scene 2: Posole
Nina's Place posole

Kohlrabi, One Windmill Farm

Broccoli, One Windmill Farm

The goods: Biscotti from 602 Chocolates, iced sugar cookies from Bread Basket Bakery, spaghetti and butternut squash, Roma tomatoes, broccoli, and kohlrabi from One Windmill Farm
farmers market, 12/8/07

December 1, during which I rushed to the market before heading to the airport to pick up Hun
Organic eggs, including green ones, Maya's Farm
organic eggs: I like the green ones

Goat milk cheese with chives, Maya's Farm
Maya's Farm goat cheese

Fresh basil, spinach, and dill, One Windmill Farm (I was so rushed, I threw everything in my fridge)
basil and fresh dill, farmers market, 12/1/07

Eggplant, English cucumber, cabbage, and broccoli, One Windmill Farm
farmers market, 12/1/07


Anonymous said…
Wow! So many lovely photos to look at!

Making gnocchi is my 2008 goal. :-)

Julie said…
Ann, thank you! Jump right in with the gnocchi! A few months ago, I made some ricotta spinach gnocchi, which turned out delicously, and I think they were a little more forgiving that potato gnocchi. I can't wait to see how your gnocchi turns out. I'm sure it will be wonderful!
Susan said…
Those gnocchi look like walnuts. Next time I make some, I will shape them this way. I little easier, I think. Happy New Year, Julie!
Julie said…
Susan, Happy New Year! They do look walnutty, don't they? They were delicious! I can't wait to see what yours look like!

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