I have a lot of food photos going all the way back to before Thanksgiving, but between working around my broken oven, getting ready for and then celebrating Thanksgiving at my parents' house, and having my Hun visit for a handful of days, I've been too busy to sit and doctor photos and write up any decent posts. That said, I bring you ... my mom's lucky apple from the apple tree in my parents' backyard.


Hey! That's not a bad-looking apple!
siamese apples

And yet ...
siamese apples

siamese apples

But just because it's different, doesn't mean it's bad.
siamese apples

They share a tail!
siamese apples

Is it an apple, or an apples ... or apples ... my Hun said it's a "ménage an apple," which had me rolling on the floor in laughter. Wouldn't it be more like "menage a pomme"?


Marvin said…
Menage a pomme! Hilarious. Did you guys end up eating the apple?
Kribha said…
wow...never seen this kinda apple before. Did not understand the "menage a pomme" part. Anyway, enjoyed looking at this unique apple.
Julie said…
Marvin, my mom showed me that apple while I was visiting for Thanksgiving. It's her lucky apple, she said. She takes it with her when she plays bingo. She may have to use it as a dauber if it gets any older! But it definitely won't be eaten.

Kribha, it definitely isn't typical! It's a garden anomaly. I was amazed when I saw it! The menage a pomme joke was a spin on the idea of a "menage à trois," which is when three people get together to have relations ... to be polite. There's more to it, but I'm getting too embarrassed to expand on it, and that's best left for my secret blog.

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