Last call for Menu for Hope raffle ticket buyers!

I’ve seen a lot of amazing fund-raising efforts in my life, but this one takes the cake. Four years ago, a fellow food blogger, Pim, got the notion to get other food bloggers to donate foodie prizes to an online raffle. The amount of money this fund-raiser has raised for organizations that help stop and prevent hunger has grown in leaps and bounds. Last year Pim raised just over $60,000. The sale for raffle tickets ends tonight, but just in the past 12 hours, 25% more people have bid, and the total just reached over $72,000. That’s just amazing! Prizes are anything from dinner cooked by and eaten with top-notch chefs and tours of artisan studios, to a box of homemade cookies or some jars of homemade jam. One of the more interesting prizes is two-centuries-old bottle of absinthe! Tickets are $10--go buy one! Or however many you can afford!


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