Past tarts: Impromptu apple gorgonzola "tarts" and raspberry yogurt tart in leftover chocolate hazelnut cinammon crust

I enjoy tarts. Sometimes, though, rolling out some dough, pressing it into a pan--all that is beyond my energy level, so I snag some bread, throw some fruit and stuffs on it, and come up with ... I guess, yummy toast? I just call this an impromptu apple and gorgonzola tart.
apples and gorgonzola

And this is one of my favorite tart standbys--a yogurt-based tart with berries--raspberries in this case. I had some leftover chocolate hazelnut tart dough, so I smooshed it into some ramekins and called it nyummy. They looked cute and rustic when I slid them out of the ramekins.
raspberry yogurt tart

raspberry yogurt tart


Kribha said…
Oh god...that looks so tempting specially the last pic. The blend of colors look beautiful.
Julie said…
It looks so much better in person! =D You should see it with blueberries. *swoon*

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