Filipino Thanksgiving

Traditional Thanksgiving lunch: going to some relative's house, everyone bringing a dish or three to share, so much food--mostly Filipino, paper plates and plastic forks, older folks in the dining room, younger in the living room ...

Untie caring's table, with all the unties gathered 'round. Luckily, everything moves in an orderly fashion, and no one's ever been trampled.
untie caring's

Plate with stuff like pinakbet, lumpia, stuffing, tripe, rice, seaweed salad, chicharrones, turkey, ham, and gravy ... and I think that's everything. I'm just proud I remembered what everything was and didn't have to say something like "that brown stuff with the ... stuff ... in it."
untie caring's

No, I didn't have seconds--I turned the plate for another angle.
untie caring's

Oh, wait, I did have seconds because someone brought gigantic shrimp.

We had a turkey at our house, too; although there were only four of us, Dad insisted on a 25-lb bird!
25 pounds

He had a vision.
TDay turkey soup

The traditional turkey soup--so much yum!
TDay turkey soup

Turkey bits, celery, shell pasta, delicious broth, and lots of love.
TDay turkey soup

And pie(s)--pumpkin and peach.


Marvin said…
If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that first picture is at my grandmother's house;)
Julie said…
I think this room travels through the Filipino space-time continuum to service hungry Filipinos at any Filipino get-together. It's like Dr. Who's phone booth (strange ... because I make another Dr. Who reference in the next post!).
Kribha said…
Hi julie,
First of all I have to say that I've been leaving comments for this post from the time it was posted. Unfortunately when I hit the publish button the browser was closing. Donno the reason. Anyway, I'm glad that it is working now.
Thanks for sharing your family pics. Looks like an extravagant feast.
Julie said…
Kribha, blogger goes nutty sometimes! I can't explain it. Yes, it was a wonderfully extravagant feast--it's one of the reasons that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

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