Pay it Forward

Lewis over at Table Bread is participating in the recent "Pay it Forward" blog event in which the first three people who leave a comment in his "Pay it Forward" post receive a gift from the poster sometime within the next year (364 days to make it happen!). Those people who will receive a gift will, in turn, post to Pay it Forward and gift three other people with something yummy.

Everyone's putting a spin as to the gift--Lewis is doing bread, and those who gifted before him have done other homemade goodies--cookies, crocheted items, etc. I'm offering ... well, I don't know. I can bake, I can sort of crochet a simple scarf or cap, I can format zines and have made my own little cookbooklets ... let me know what strikes your fancy! And don't forget to pay it forward!


Tsara_be said…
Best wishes for the holydays!
Julie said…
Thank you, Tsara! Happiest of holidays to you, as well!

And you're my first comment in my pay-it-forward post! If you'd like to participate, I will gladly hold up my end of the bargain. Please send your mailing info to tanrazz - at - yahoo - dot - com.

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