More of Mom from Thanksgiving

I grew up here. Lucky me. =)

Mom's cookbooks--I brought The Colossal Cookie Cookbook home with me
mom's cookbooks


*cue the theme from "Jaws"*
octopi soup

Mom's cooking oil
mom's oil of choice

Well-seasoned wok
wok this way

Mom's plastic (not credit cards)--I have this same bad habit--pack-ratting away plastic untensils and clean napkins
mom's collection

Tripe in one of Mom's signature melamine bowls

Mom slices pork to add to tripe--such a delicous dish, sort of like a Filipino menudo. We've always had that cutting board, too--it's so old, it's bowed out of shape. While she was slicing the pork, she noticed her knife was dull, so she deftly pulled out a whetting stone and brought it keen again. Mom's so wonderful.
mom cooks tripe


Marvin said…
You are very lucky indeed. Enjoy all the time you can at your mom's. I won't be home at my mom's till xmas eve.
Julie said…
Ah, I forgot to add that all these photos (and some to follow in later posts) were taken during Thanksgiving. I wish I could be there for Christmas. Hopefully, I'll get to go back in the spring. Thanksgiving was awesome, though, and I'm glad I wasn't shy about taking photos to document things!
maybahay said…
what is it about one's own mother's kitchen? they seem to produce the best-tasting comfort food. even now that i have kids, i still go back to Mum's regularly to get fed :-)
Julie said…
Maybahay, I plan to go back to Mom's kitchen for as long as I can, and as often as I can! =)

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