Mom and lumpia

Lumpia is no stranger in this blog. But these are my lumpia ... and nothing beats Mom's lumpia. It was cool, being able to photograph her making these in the kitchen of the house I grew up in.

Mom prepares to cook lumpia, notice how she's just a speedy blur in all these photos--Mom doesn't screw around in the kitchen! She's got her mise en place all ready.
mom cooks lumpia

I love the pink scarf. She's like the Dr. Who of the kitchen.
mom cooks lumpia

Uh-oh, the coat comes off--she'll show that wok who's boss! Now you know where I get my fighting prowess from.
mom cooks lumpia

A huge load of lumpia guts!

Which amounted to five dozen fried lumpia! A happy Thanksgiving, for sure!


I like the sound of Lumpia! yummy

and nice to see your mum whizzing around the kitchen! (doesn'y food always taste best when your mum cooks it?)
Miss Eliza said…
Oooh, I love lumpia! living in Minnesota you don't come across them often... could you post the recipe?
Marvin said…
Ha! Another scene from the Filipino Space Time Continuum! What is it with our mothers wrapping themselves in layers rather than turning the heat on;)
Kribha said…
OMG...Those gorgeous lumpias again. Nice to see your mom doing it.I have to try it soon. You have tempted me enough.
Julie said…
Bev and Ollie, I love watching her zip around the kitchen, too! She really comes alive when she's cooking. The lumpia is delicious! You should try making it!

Miss Eliza, I posted my recipe here. If you make it, let me know how it turns out!

Marvin, no kidding! Plus, she seemed to always be the coldest one in the house. Ah well, she's the mom, and what she says, goes!

Kribha, I may just keep posting them until you finally make them! ;D

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