Happy 3rd Anniversary, Public Market!

On February 23, the Downtown Phoenix Public Market celebrated its 3rd anniversary! Until I’d visited it for the first time last October, I never could’ve imagined a thriving farmers’ market offering such lush, healthy, and varied foodstuffs. I’m glad I found it out! From leafy greens to hearty tubers, to sweet, crisp fruit, the growing market can’t be disregarded. The Market’s anniversary celebration included the official unveiling of what will soon be its permanent store—local farmers’ and vendors’ products available seven days a week instead of just the usual Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights, all inside an air-conditioned building! Sweet! The store is planned to open later this spring, and the regular Saturday and Wednesday markets will continue to operate. Cindy, the "market mama" and founder and executive director of Community Food Connections asked me if I’d photograph the event, and I couldn’t have been more honored. I hauled my cheap little Sony Cyber-shot down there and took hundreds of photos, the best of which can be found in a flickr album at my flickr account.

*Community Food Connections (CFC) "develops and coordinates resources, education, information and public policies that will enhance local and regional food and economic systems. CFC works in partnership with other non-profits, faith-based organizations, growers, producers, markets, schools, neighborhood associations, government agencies and businesses throughout the state. CFC is committed to helping build strong healthy communities that ensure access to and the availability of a culturally acceptable nutritionally adequate diet for every person, or, in other words, increasing community food security."

Happy Anniversary, Public Market! Thanks for helping me add another, more meaningful dimension to how I view, buy, and consume food!

Here are some of my personal favorite shots from the event.


Cindy watches

Opening for preview
opening knock

The crowd
crowd enters the new market space

The store space--plans were presented throughout for previewing, and local artists were invited to display their art. The false walls will be taken down later.
Cindy in the back space/kitchen

the market space

front space

brick detail in market space

Phil Gordon (in tie), Phoenix's mayor, checks the store-to-be out
Mayor Gordon and marketeers

Mark, a market volunteer, working the Arizona's Best booth, featuring some of the many local food products

My good friend Mario, an incredibly talented chef and artist, who introduced me to the market, Cindy the market exec. director/founder, and Denny the restaurateur and author
Mario, Cindy, and Denny

Friends of the Market (donors) received origami flowers during the festival--one of the vendors is an origami artisan
origami flower


Tablebread said…
How dang cool is that?!?! Chef's have all the fun...

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