Public Market, March 22

Whew! Between a big workload at the office, freelance deadlines, trying to pull my condo together after recent extensive repairs, and suffering from allergies and asthma, I mostly wanted to retreat from the world and stay in bed. But ... I had to have my veggies!!! And then run around doing errands and going to bridal showers and and and ... honestly, the market's familiarity was a refuge. And a source of amusement:

Humongous carrots and a parsnip from One Windmill Farm
One Windmill Farm, two carrots and a parsnip

With all that was going on and not feeling well, I didn't take many photos. I wanted to show off the bunny at The Wei of Chocolate, though!
3/22/08 public market

Here's the ever-growing line and crowd around the booth at One Windmill Farm. Their produce is just getting more and more amazing!
3/22/08 public market

And a shot looking south from the One Windmall Farm line. To the left, you can see what will soon be the market's permanent building (except for Saturdays, when they'll have the usual open-air outdoor market). The building straight ahead is being faced, and I like the look of its side panels!
3/22/08 public market


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