February’s SAS party (belated)

As I prepare for this month's SAS party this weekend, I remember that I didn't really post about February's SAS party outside of the February Daring Bakers' post (where I posted more bread details). Since I can't invite a whole lot of people to begin with, I try to cycle through my list of friends, keeping a few names consistent. This time, a pair of friends I wanted to see could only do dinners, so instead of the usual lunch, I prepared a casual sit-down dinner. My friend Chris photo-documented most of the dishes since I was too busy running around. The DB project was Julia Child's French bread, so I tried to incorporate bread in most of the courses.

Course 1: Tepary bean hummus and roasted red pepper tepary bean hummus with baquette .
Course 2: Roasted beet salad with sautéed beet greens and kabu (Japanese salad) salad with sautéed kabu greens.
Course 3: Vegetable stew with epi rolls.
Course 4: Lemon curd and raspberry trifle and carrot cake cheesecake spread (from Safeway) with minted dessert boule.

All photos, courtesy of Chris!

Bread! And such a good bread recipe—long rises ensured a nice flavor for a day-long bread project, and it was fun to work with. I found a DVD of Julia's "The French Chef," season 2, which shows Julia making this very same recipe, and it was a lot of fun watching her smack the bread around. I'm finally just now getting used to working with such sticky, sticky dough, pushing it around until the gluten develops enough so that it isn’t so sticky.

Veg stew! So simple, yet so satisfying! I really don’t miss using white potatoes if I can have the more flavorful sweet potato.

Trifle! Such an easy recipe, and I was glad to be able to find a way to use up the lemon curd I'd made.

Boule of sorts! I'm glad I had fresh mint around to decorate the bread with, though I wish I'd put more prep time into it to make a nicer presentation of it. Still, it went well with the dessert cheese spread. While I was bummed that the boule didn't want to round out as it rose, I was very happy with the crust and crumb!

Teresa's thumbs up! See, I really do feed people at these parties—it isn't all just food laid out on the table. =)


Stephanie said…
Julie...I need you to check your email ASAP...the info you need for BBM is there.

Don't send you box out till you read it!


Julie said…
Stephanie--checked, and taken care of! Thanks again for all your help!

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