Olive oil and creamy tomato soup

Amazingly, I posted this twice, the first time on Feb. 22 ...

When I ran out of my usual Colavita olive oil, I decided to finally try the local stuff from Queen Creek Olive Mill. There are olive trees all over Phoenix. I never knew what sort of climate olive trees needed in order to thrive, but apparently, Phoenix is one of them. In fact, they quickly become a nuisance as more trees sprout up quickly around the existing tree. I'm not sure if those are the same sort of trees used in Queen Creek's olive oil, but if it is, I wish I had an olive press; Queen Creek's olive oil is delicious! Fruity, warm, and dense with flavor, it's definitely not a backseat player, but it's a flavor that deserves to be noticed! I should try to check out their Tuscan eater, del-Piero, one of these days!
local olive oil local olive oil local olive oil

It was perfect in and on the creamy tomato soup I made!

Creamy tomato soup
creamy tomato soup


Julius said…
Just had a browse over at your other blog. You are one busy, busy girl!

from Occasional Baker
Marvin said…
I never would have thought that Phoenix could grow anything more than cacti. ;p

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