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Way back in the beginning of January, The Happy Sorceress of the "Dispensing Happiness" blog opened up sign-ups for the latest round of Blogging by Mail. The idea is that you sign up and are assigned another blogger to whom you send a package of goodies. It all perpetuates the idea that getting mail through the post is A Very Cool Thing. And it is! This was my first time participating, and my mailee, Shannon of Everyday Vegetarian did a wonderful job fulfilling this round's theme of "Little Things Mean a Lot"--filling a little package with cool little things!

BBM from Shannon, the whole haul
The haul encompassed vanilla nut Teecino, mint chutney mix, Indian peanut brittle, Lindt truffles, Kheer mix, Russel Stover easter chocolates, Hershey's whole bean chocolate squares, Tetley's Masala tea, whole spice garam masala, and chocolate-scented soaps.

Here are some closer looks at a few of the goodies!

Whole-spice garam masala.
BBM from Shannon, whole spice garam masala

Vanilla nut Teeccino, which is an herbal coffee substitute--a good way to get your coffee bzzt without caffeine!
BBM from Shannon, vanilla nut teecinno coffee drink replacement

Chocolate-scented, handmade soaps. I wanted to eat them!
BBM from Shannon, chocolate-scented soaps

Indian peanut brittle--yum!!!
BBM from Shannon, Indian peanut brittle

I've been nibbling my way through the package already and have plans to roast and grind up some of the garam masala spice next week. I'll have an entire Indian-themed dinner, which I'm always in the mood for!

Thank you kindly for the wonderful package, Shannon! I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and I know I'll enjoy everything you sent!


Liudwih said…
I'm so happy you Like it all!
Julie said…
I love it! And it's all totally appropriate to the kind of cooking I've been delving into lately!

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