Public Market Photo roundup: Feb. 23-March 8

One Windmill Farm

I've put off learning how to code jumps into blogger posts long enough. I'm hoping this will work for subscribers to my LiveJournal feed, since I know how horribly this can slow down their download. I'll be testing it out, too. I'm also going to make a point not to wait a month before posting these photo updates!

broccoli raab at Maya's Farm

grapefruit at Maya's Farm

broccoli at Maya's farm

Romanesque broccoli at Maya's Farm

orange beets at Maya's Farm

purple broccoli at Maya's Farm

blooming basil at Maya's farm

Japanese turnips at Maya's Farm

Maya's Farm flowers

Dos Arbolitos' big awesome flowers

Rainbow Valley Farm cheese samples

Urban Cookies

Sapna  Chill Out Cafe

Dos Arbolitos, heriloom tomato plants

Dos Arbolitos, heriloom tomato plant

602 Chocolates, Jennifer

Mountain Top Honey Co.

flower's from Maya's farm

Feb. 23 haul

Feb. 23 haul

One Windmill Farm: sage

Belle Fleur Chocolate

Sapna's Chill Out Cafe: brie and marmalade quesadilla

3/1/08 Market haul, mostly One Windmill Farm

One Windmill Farm: Swiss chard

One Windmill Farm: Swiss chard, broccoli

One Windmill Farm: shallots, garlic, sage

One Windmill Farm: shallots, garlic, sage

Un de los dos arbolitos!

Dos Arbolitos

Maya's Farm, fennel

Maya's Farm, dandelion greens

Maya's Farm, Romanesca

Maya's Farm, turnips

Maya's Farm, green onions

Crooked Sky Farms

March 8 Public Market haul

One Windmill Farm, kohlrabi

One Windmill Farm, kohlrabi

One Windmill Farm, kohlrabi

One Windmill Farm, kale


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