Student Diary: Advanced Pastry Arts, Day 4

Homework for Day 4 was another piping assignment
Piping assignment 2

And then we spent the rest of the class decorating our wedding cakes

Class sketch: I used my homework sketch--a square wedding cake--and adapted it for my actual cake
class wedding cake sketch

Another homework assignment was three marzipan roses and six leaves
marzipan roses

Cake!: I made more and added them to my cake design because I didn't feel like piping roses, and I love the luck of marzipan and fondant roses
class wedding cake

Side (front) view: The buttercream was melting in my piping back, thanks to my warm hands and the warm kitchen, so my stringwork was pretty darn bloppy; I decided to just run with it (before it ran off the cake). Overall, I'm pretty happy with it! And so was my Hun and co-workers who got to mow into it later--positive reviews all around!
class wedding cake

class wedding cake topper

My classmates rock talent!
Frank's cake
Frank's class cake

Jesse and his cake in the walk-in
Jesse and his cake

Teammate Lori's cake
Lori's class cake

Teammate Rachel's cake (she and I are both Wilton-certified--woot!)
Rachel's class cake

Sonny's (I think) cake
Sonny's (?) class cake

Marcus' amazing cake (we don't call him The Overachiever for nuthin'--he's a total natural in pastry!)
Marcus' class cake


Tablebread said…
You know if you loved us you would give us a little how-to on those marzipan know...if you really loved us ;)
Julie said…
Well, I do have some marzipan left. I'll see if it's still good, and if it is, I'll see if I can provide some illustrated instructions. =) And I'd do it just for YOU!

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