Jon and Jess' wedding cake

The week after I made my first wedding cake, the class project, I made a small white wedding cake for my friends Jon and Jess' wedding. Their colors were cinnamon, chocolate, and copper, and their flowers were daisies. They gave me that info and told me to run with them. I knew that my friend Mario was making the main cake, which was chocolate, and that it would be elegant and proud, so I decided to make mine more whimsical and light hearted. I also knew that Mario would be using real edible flowers to decorate his cake, so I asked him to set a few aside for me to use as a cake topper to tie the two together a little bit.

Base white cake filled and frosted with Italian buttercream
Jess and Jon's cake

Two tiers--the bottom tier was three round layers, and the top was two thick, oval layers
Jess and Jon's cake

Royal icing flowers in the wedding colors; I almost used chocolate to pipe the flowers, but I was afraid it would be too warm, and plus, it's the white cake for a reason--for those who don't like chocolate! I didn't feel like fussing with dying white chocolate, though I had some fun ideas for flowing colors into white chocolate outlines. I also wanted a 3D quality to the flowers, and I got exactly what I wanted with royal icing.
Jess and Jon's cake

Almost done
Jess and Jon's cake

I didn't take any photos myself of the cakes, but the wedding's awesome photographers got a few gorgeous shots. Here are a couple of links to them showing the two wedding cakes and the groom's awesome grand piano chocolate cake, made by the groom's cousin:


the three amazing cakes

There are a couple of things I would do differently:
* making the flowers ahead a little more ahead of time instead of just the night before to make sure they dried all the way; the chocolate color used a significant amount of food coloring, which made the icing slower to dry
* be more careful about prepping a cake board--I used wrapping paper to wrap the boards because I didn't like the gold and silver boards, but then I had to lay down a sheet of parchment paper cut out in a giant daisy so the cake wouldn't grease up the wrapping paper. It worked out, but I could've wrapped over the wrapping paper in parchment or cellophane and made it more decorative and colorful to make the cake pop up from the board


Danny said…
that cake looks so cool! the flower decorations are a nice touch.
Julie said…
Mickey/Minnie, thank you! I appreciate that, coming from people/someone in the midst of planning their own wedding. I hope it's spectacular! =)

Danny, thank you so much! I was a little nervous about whether or not I could make it look the way I wanted, but it worked out!

Jennyfer, thank you!
Tablebread said…
What cute little flowers! As simple as they are I would never had thought to make them that way. Beauty in simplicity :)

And IMHO I think your cake steals the show ;)

(P.S. Good Luck to the new bride and groom!)
Tablebread said…
Also, forgot to ask, could you please shoot me your info for the pay it forward. I am leaving the country on Sunday and I would like to get your gift out to you by then. Thanks :)

tablebread {at} gmail {dot} com
Julie said…
Lewis, thank you! I actually Googled a lot of daisy-themed cakes, and I liked the simpler ones best. I almost piped out realistic daisies, but those are one of my weakest flowers, and I didn't want to force it too much, especially when I knew I'd be placing real flowers on the cake.

The bride and groom are two of the awesomest people I know! I wish everyone could know them. =)

Have a safe move! I sent my address backchannel!
glamah16 said…
Just beautiful Julie.

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