Breakfast cookies? Woot!

The past week and this coming week have been crazy busy, so in lieu of a new and original post, I give you a reserve post that's at least still original, but that I actually wrote last month. =)


Ever on the search for the perfect-for-me chocolate chip cookie recipe, I was happy when I came across Robyn Lee's Killer Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies. I love Serious Eats, Robyn Lee's blog, and CCCs, so I ran home to try this one. I liked the results, but next time, I want to try pulling them from the oven a bit so they're not quite as chewy and the top isn't as crispy. These cookies, made with chopped chocolate bars, made me wish I could find Guittard bars more easily.

Robyn Lee's breakfast CCCs

Robyn Lee's breakfast CCCs


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