simple salads

All was peaceful in the landscape--rolling hills of broccoli, restful crab, sweeps of dill ...
broccoli crab salad

Then, bombs away, yogurt mustard dressing!* Yay!
broccoli crab salad

*Dressing inspired by Phaidon Press' The Silver Spoon.

I don't need not stinkin' oven to eat! But thank goodness someone's coming out to look at it tomorrow!


Kribha said…
Nice contrast of colors. Looks beautiful. I've never tasted imitation crab meat. Is that what you have used there?
Julie said…
Alas, yes--real crab meat is hard to find in the desert unless it's canned or expensive. I had some leftover from a salad I made for this month's SAS party, and I wanted to use the last of it. It tastes like seafood, though not necessarily crab.

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