Public Market, November 10

public market 11.10.07
I love how I've been to the Market every week for the past couple of months, and I always find something new and beautiful to photograph. Maya's Farm had root veggies.

Hailstone radishes
public market 11.10.07

public market 11.10.07

Public Market 11.10.07
Yali pears at Maya's farm. Mmmmm!

public market 11.10.07
I buy a bulb every week or two from One Windmill Farm. I always look for bulbs with untorn, close-fitting paper, and with tight cloves.

Lemon cucumbers
public market 11.10.07
Luckily, Crooked Skies has lemon cucumbers again. For as humble as they appear, they deliver a wonderfully intoxicating lemon scent and flavor.

Red onion
public market 11.10.07
I also buy my onions from One Windmill Farm. This week, I bought a red onion for my SAS (Sandwiches and Sweets) party.

English cucumbers
public market 11.10.07
These aren't the giants you'll find at the supermarket, but with their delicate, paper-thin skin and sweet, firm flesh, I think I got the better deal. They made awesome cucumber sandwiches.

Asian Yali pears
public market 11.10.07
I'm not convinced that I identified these correctly. I was so happy when I grabbed them up from Maya's Farms, envisioning them wrapped in cream cheese along with some grapes and cucumber--oh, such a sandwich, that I only noted that they were Asian pears.

I also made two new friendly acquaintances. Leslie and Phil, if you're out there, it was a pleasure meeting you!


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