Beets me!

All there is to do is create carnage

The star of this past Saturday's Market trip (next to the honey, cookies, persimmons, etc.): beets
Public Market

I've never cooked with beets before. I don't recall ever having eaten them, either.

Roasted in foil, allowed to cool

What about the leafy tops? The farmer at Crooked Sky told me he'd saute them and eat them, and I liked the sound of that.

Oh. My. Yum. Tossed with some mustard powder, a dash of tumeric, some salt, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

The sturdy greens has a pleasant, slightly bitter tang to them, and the soft, sweet beets reminded me of baby corn. Odd, I know. It took awhile to figure out why the taste was so familiar. I wrung my brain to try to remember if I had eaten beats before, but just forgotten. As I read up on beet fact, it compared the sugar contents between beets and corn. Corn. Baby corn. Bingo. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the beet, maybe it's what happens when beet mets tongue. Whatever it is, sweet beets laced with lemon, mustard, and tumeric, entwined with the tartness of their own green tops, made an awesome dish.


Hi Julie! I just adore beets and I love roasting them. It is my favorite way to eat them. I also love sauteed beet greens as well! Your dish looks amazing! I want some right now and it is EARLY!

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Kribha said…
Hi Julie,
the dish looks bright and colorful. Never cooked beets this way before. Also, I never knew that we could use the beet leaves too. Thanks for sharing.
Julie said…
Jenn, thanks! I'm glad I took the plunge and bought them! Now that I've broken the ice, I plan on having them around a lot more often. =)

Kribha, thank you! I wish I could handle my camera better, or that I had a nicer one--the colors were even more intense than my photo allows. From what I hear, beet fans often toss the greens. Such a waste! They're wonderful!

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