Public Market, November 17

I wasn't photo crazy at today's market, but as always, I was happy as a Manila clam (haha) to be there. So were all the many, many, many people! I love seeing who comes to the market. I've noticed that it seems to be a favorite for pregnant women. I fancy its their intuition demanding that they take the best care possible of their bodies, being attentive to every thing they put into their bodies. It's one of the primary reasons I go, anyway.

The crowd at One Windmill Farm
602 Chocolates, public market

Plus, the market just makes me happy! I'll readily tell you--I'm a lifer. I can't imagine not getting up to go unless I'm not in town (which will be the case this Saturday while I visit my parents in California). As I was leaving, I ran into the market's director, Cindy, and she pointed out people coming in who've been coming for awhile--some since the day it started, two years ago. I hope with all my heart that this market continues to grow and thrive. Sometimes I worry, though. In a recent e-mail exchange with a fellow foodie confidante and friend, he described the hustle and bustle of Quebec's Marché Jean-Talon. After I expressed how much I enjoyed being able to talk to the vendors and learn about their produce and wares, he said he could never do that at Jean-Talon--it's so busy, the vendors barely have time to take your money. I don't know if I'd go if it were that crazy. This weekend, my mom will take me to one of the local swapmeets/farmers' markets. I'm looking forward to see what it's like. When I first went to the Phoenix Downtown Public Market, I compared it to California markets, touting their sheer hugeness and great variety. Some things, judged better by most, aren't necessarily better for me, though.

But, back to my day at the market. I made the rounds, enjoyed it, caught up with my new friend who I met at the market, and took her around, pointing out my favorite points, introducing her to a few of the vendors, and talking about food. As usual, we noticed new booths. As I was appreciating the cheese at Rainbow Valley's booth, I turned and caught even more YUM out of the corner of my eye.

Yes. I love my spicy Wei of Chocolate, both to cook with and to munch on, but today, I got to enjoy a new addition to the market, returned now that the weather's cooler. So, what's in the pretty package?
602 Chocolate
What's in the pretty package?
602 Chocolates, public market

Let's look at the label.
602 Chocolates, public market

Mmmmarshmallow! Soft, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth vanilla marshamallows are nice, but it's the snap of the tempered-chocolate shell that makes these awesome.
602 Chocolates, public market

You can see the impressively thin, snappy shell. Oh, snap!
602 chocolates, public market


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