Vegetable lasagna

When we last saw this giant zucchini, looming over its fellow produce, we weren't sure quite what to do with it. Then I ate my Raimondo's manicotti, which used thinly sliced eggplant to form noodles.
giant zucchini

Zucchini lasagna noodles--At first, I was going to slice down the entire length of the squash, but then I realized that I didn't need the noodles to be all in one piece if they were going to be buried under cheese and sauce. I also realized that it was nearly 8 p.m., I'd been at a meeting all night, I was tired, hungry, and lazy. Chop, whack, slice! Noodles!
zucchini lasagna

Hot Italian sausage sauce--I should've added another can of tomatoes
zucchini lasagna

Bowl o' lasagna! Children everywhere will thank-a me! I'm getting about six servings out of this bowl.
zucchini lasagna

Mmmm, layers. While the lasagna did firm up after cooling a bit, there was a lot of extra moisture from the squash. After awhile, though, it firmed up more, so for well-toned lasagna, let it rest before slicing into it.
zucchini lasagna


Deborah said…
I love vegetable lasagna, and this one looks wonderful!
Julie said…
Thank you, Deborah! It was delicious, and easy to make. I'm glad I have leftovers. It reheats really well!
amy said…
Think i might have to try this--i LOVE zucchini, but steaming gets old.
Julie said…
Amy, I love zucchini, too! If you put "zucchini" into my blog's search bar, you should draw up an entry to the stuffed zucchini recipe I use from the "Joy of Cooking" cookbook. I was lucky to have giant zucchini for the lasagna, but regular-sized zucchini should be fine. =D

Hooray for you in my blog, too!!! =D

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