Public Market, October 20

I'm a devoted fan of the breakfast burritos and salsa verde at Nina's Place, but I wanted to give all the other fabulous food at the Public Market a try. Last week, I tried the delicious samples at Raimondo's and came home with wonderful vegetable manicotti. This week, I gave in to Grady's mountain of barbecued pork, and I'm glad I did--it was delicious! Moist, succulent, tender pork, piled mountain-high on a bun, topped with as much sauce as you want to put on, and capped with coleslaw (you can put the sauce on top of the coleslaw instead of or in addition to on top of the pork).
Grady's pulled pork barbecue

Maya's Farm always has baskets of beautiful eggplant
Maya's farm, eggplant

Maya's Farm also has lovely greens, like this pak choy
Maya's Farm

I've had a bag of the Maricopa Agricultural Center's tepary beans for a couple of weeks, and this week, I'm going to cook up a pot!
Maricopa Agricultural Center, tepary beans

And one of my weekly favorites, and sometimes, my motivating factor to get up in the morning--the Bread Basket Bakery. The vendor is friendly, and the baked goods at his table are fabulous! I almost always get a bag of their whole wheat white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, but I've really liked everything I've had there! Today, I came home with a bag of giant macaroons, and I'm sure they'll make a lovely afternoon snack!
Bread Basket Bakery, and Chris

Wei of Chocolate and Wisdom-Nectar have teamed up! Wei of Chocolate now sells cocoa powder, bagged as hot cocoa mix, and with the slight chill in the air this morning, it was just what I was craving. I had mine "with everything"--coconut oil, spices, and some of Wei of Chocolate's new herbal essence. The chocolate lady is sitting in the background. She's awesome!
hot chocolate, Wei of Chocolate and Wisdom-Nectar

On the menu at One-Wall Kitchen this week, tepary bean stew, and chicken mole made with Wei of Chocolate!


Julius said…
Is that pulled pork? Yumm.

I love going to the public market too.

I'm gonna try that pork adobo tonight. :)
Julie said…
Yup, pulled pork at one of its finest! It was delicious.

I wish I could get all my friends out to the market. I've gotten a few out there already!

Plug in the rice cooker, hooray for adobe! Let me know how it turns out. =)
Marvin said…
You're lucky to have such a great market like you have. That pulled pork looks awesome. I'm looking forward to your chocolate mole.
Julie said…
Marvin, aren't you in SoCal, the epicenter of farmers' markets? My parents are in Oxnard, and they have amazing farmers' markets there.

I'm looking forward to that mole, too. I hope it turns out!
amy said…
that hot cocoa sounds amazing!
Julie said…
Amy, I think I'm going to pick some up next time I go and then try baking with it. =D
Elle said…
That pulled pork looks fantastic. Love the pulled pork.

Also very intersting about the tepary beans (on a later post) and how they survive in the desert. They look yummy!
Julie said…
Elle, I usually shy away from pulled pork (pull away? haha!) because it's often so dry and flavorless, but this pulled pork was done right!

I was drawn to the tepary beans after I found out that they did so well in the desert. It's so dry here, it's nice to find produce that's nearly or totally self-sustaining. Having grown up in the fertile California coast, I was doubtful that many sustainable foods could grow here, but I'm being proved wrong! I was surprised at how well they turned out! I'll definitely be making them again.

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