shrimp, squash, stone fruit, and some tepary beans

It's weird how sometimes, the more of something I eat, the more I want to eat it. I've had shrimp a couple of times this month, my own version of honey walnut chicken, and then a local restaurant's, and I can't shake how yummy it's been. Luckily, I still have some frozen shrimp, and they're so quick to cook up.

I took a quick and simple spin of this month's earlier honey walnut shrimp and just did a quick sauté, toasted the walnuts, then dished it up with some mashed butternut squash, seasoned with ginger. Don't be alarmed--the shrimp were cooked to pink, but the camera doesn't show it. And yeah, I was practicing my quenelles on my mashed squash. I thought about adding some honey, but it's so sweet on its own, and I wanted to make sure the ginger came through. Mmmmm, it did.
sauted shrimp and walnuts with ginger mashed butternut squash

I had some Public Market peaches that I wanted to use up, so I baked them up in syrup flavored with more ginger and some vanilla bean. Mmmm. It's a nice dish, but I thought it was missing something.
baked peaches with ginger

Woohoo--Bert's brand figgy gelato! This is love. See them smile? Oh wait, maybe that's just me. The hot-and-cold combo, the slight tartness with the syrup's sweetness and the gelato's richness, and the vanilla bean's aroma tinging it all ... one never knows what one wants until it rests on one's tongue, that's all.
baked peaches with ginger with fig gelato

Before bedtime, I tucked in my pet river rocks under a blanket of water. Just kidding--they're tepary beans from the Public Market. If I get up early enough, I'll even be able to get them ready for the crock pot so I can eat them for dinner!
tepary beans soaking

Due to my feeling oogie and the length of the prep time, chicken molé is being postponed to Sunday. Mmmmm, molé!


Ana said…
Hi Julie !!
Im Ana from sapna chillout cafe @ market.
I love your blog, it makes me hungry!!!
The peaches look very good !!
When i make them i prepare a syrup made of red wine or sweet wine(like muscat). i also sprinkle them at the end with some lemon thyme or mint....
Julie said…
Hi, Ana! Thank you for visiting my blog! I had the fish soup at your cafe, and I enjoyed it very much! The parsley took me by surprise, but I'll remember that the next time. Thank you for your baked peaches recipe! If I see more peaches this week, I'll definitely pick more up. I'll stop by your cafe and say hello this weekend, too! Take care!

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