Public Market, October 27

My go-to breakfast--Chorizo burrito and salsa verde from Nina's Place, and a really hit-the-spot yummy Moroccan mint iced tea from the Chill-Out Cafe--hooray for a free refill!
public market

One Windmill Farm, bell peppers. All peppers, whether they're green (aka unripe, bitter, not sweet), orange, yellow, red, are $2 per pound. Can we say "screaming deal"? Can we say "stuffed peppers every night for three weeks"?
public market

I mean, look at it. How could you not love that? Some people don't like the skin on peppers--it's almost tough. Sometimes I wonder if that's due to the waxy coating found on bell peppers from the supermarket. Okay, it makes them pretty, kinda gives them a buffer from injury and mold, and helps keep the moisture in, but still ... the stuff doesn't just wash off, and it's indigestible. And another point--supermarket peppers often seem to cook up with somewhat tough skins. Organic peppers never do, no matter how much I torture them.
public market

One Windmill Farm, carrots--hooray, they're in season! And they're nice, big, fat ones.
public market

The haul, and in the back, at center, is something new. Jan's Baked Goods is back from summer hiatus, and while I'm loyal to the Bread Basket Bakery, I wanted to try her goods. She had carrot cookies, which looked and sounded yummy.
public market

They're made with regular white flour, sugar, crisco--ingredients I don't often take into my diet, but I'm always willing and wanting to try something new, and my eating habits don't disallow those things (thank goodness).
Jan's carrot cookies, Public Market

The inside of the cookie ... wow. It's every bit as good as it looks. And if you don't like how it looks, then it tastes better than it looks. It was more like a carrot cake--butter cake with grated carrot and coconut, to be precise. It was a very yummy treat! Jan also had several pies, cupcakes, pumpkin roulades, and turnovers, so if you're looking for something that focuses more on the sweet treats as opposed to the Bread Basket Bakery's mostly yeast goods--breads, croissants, and giant cinnamon rolls, along with baklava, scones, and granola, then Jan's is a good stop.
Jan's carrot cooke, public market

If you can't get to the Public Market on Saturday mornings, it's now open every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Woot!


Ana said…
i didn't know it was you !!! I know for next time.
Have you tried nina's green tamales ?? i'm addicted to them.unfortunately i can't deal with chorizo,but the beans burritos are pretty good too.
Say hi to mario, i haven't seen him in a while.
Julie said…
Hi, Ana! Yes, that was me. =) It's funny that so many vendors recognize me without having met me. You briefly mentioned the green tamales on Saturday, and they sound delicious! I'm going to wait until the holidays to buy some ... maybe. I'm trying to watch my carbs. I'll try them soon, though! Mario's been working two jobs at two restaurants, so I think he's been too tired to come out to volunteer. I'll let him know you said hello the next time I see him, though! See you Saturday--have a wonderful week!

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