something i've always wanted to try: fried green tomatoes

I wanted to be Idgie. At this point, it's more like I'm coming out of the Evelyn phase as she finds "Tawanda," or whatever that funny phrase was that she'd always say. Mostly, I wanted to try fried green tomatoes. For a long time, I thought fried green tomatoes were a lie. Who would cook those? When I started seeing recipes for it, for some reason, they became one of my Most Important Things To Eat Before I Die.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe
Or in my case, fried green tomatoes at The Burrow (my sub-level condo)
fried green tomatoes and adobo chicken salad

The hardest part--really, the only hard part, of making friend green tomatoes was actually finding them. I've never seen them in the regular grocery store, but One Windmill Farm had them at the Public Market. Woohoo! I bought two and brought the precious cargo home.
green tomatoes

Sliced green tomatoes
sliced green tomatoes

I dipped them in beaten egg, then dipped half in cornmeal and half in whole wheat, seasoned bread crumbs. If you're Idgie and Ruth, you serve your fried green tomatoes with a side of barbecued jerk-face ex-husband. If you're me, you take the chicken adobo breasts you didn't want to eat straight, pull it, mix it with some tarragon dressing, and call it chicken salad. Oh my yum! It was all delicious, and if there are more green tomatoes at the market tomorrow, I'm going to get some and try to bake them. I wish I had panko! (Edit: I did a search and found this blog post about broiled green tomatoes--yum! The blog itself was recently retired, but browsing through it, I'm finding it quite cool and inspirational!)
fried green tomatoes and adobo chicken salad


Great post. Do you know about this site? You might find it interesting. Sandi and Bill live at the whistlestop and they have a great recipe for fried green tomatoes.
Julie said…
Thank you for the link--it's wonderful! I had no idea that the Whistlestop was based on an actual cafe. =) Tawanda!!!

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