I've been writing

Just not in this blog. Wary about today's economy, I picked up a freelance job, writing articles here and there, as time allows. Most of them aren't food-related (rats), but several of them are. You can visit those articles here:

How to Make Dry Fondant

Pros and Cons of the South Beach Diet

Quick Energy Foods

Low Cholesterol & High-Fiber Foods

High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Diet

How to Cook in a Cast Iron Pot

How to Cook with Radiant Heat

Edible Flower Bouquets

Hard-Anodized Vs. Stainless Steel Cookware

Hard-Anodized Vs. Porcelain Cookware

Differences Between Dutch Ovens & French Ovens

And once in awhile, I scribble in my yelp page, onewall.yelp.com, where I review restaurants.

Want some food porn? I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival . . . or should I say, I ate my way through the Festival?

Broccoli cheese bread bowl
Breakfast should always be a broccoli cheese bread bowl! The bread bowl was so nice and soft!

Spinach and artichoke bread bowl
Hun had a spinach and artichoke bread bowl.

Scotch egg
Scotch egg--no relation to Scotch the Dog. A Scotch egg is a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage and fried. Oh, my arteries!

Fruit smoothie!
We split a really good strawberry smoothie.

Meat and taters pasty
A meat and potatoes pasty with (intentionally) mushy peas.

Sausage roll
Hun had a sausage roll: too much roll, not enough sausage.

Funnel cake
Funnel cake! It was a bad day to wear black jeans. The same stand selling these also had crepes, but they looked a little too stiff and thick in the middle.

And some random favorite shots:

A lady at her loom
The lady at her loom.

The Birds of Prey Show: Great Horned Owl
Archimides the Owl.

The Birds of Prey Show: Falcon
A falconer and his falcon.

The Birds of Prey Show: Falcon
So photogenic.


anna said…
Mmm, you gotta love those authentic Renaissance smoothies. ;)
Julie said…
Yes, Anna! And they even had a replica of an authentic blender, complete with horse-pulled gigantic mill-grinding action! Pulverizes those seeds to bitlets! ;D
Ken Sloan said…
You have to be a US citizen to take advantage of the eHow compensation program. Boo urns :) Is it going well for you?
Julie said…
Ken, it's a great gig! I haven't written much in the past couple of months because I've been working on other projects, but during good months, I make enough to pay my mortgage and all of my bills. Since I have a week to get articles written, I can just work on them in my spare time, and I can take as many or as few titles as I'd like. I was glad to have it, considering the state of our budget!

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