Hw I store herbs, starring oregano (and more writing updates)

Organo in a moist bag! O no! Condensation like this can lead to wilted, listless, limp and even fuzzy herbs!
storing oregano

Dry the oregano off and lay it on a clean, dry paper towel.
storing oregano

Wrap it up! If this were an herb with sturdier leaves, I'd consider using a lightly damp paper towel.
storing oregano

Wrapped and bagged!
storing oregano

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Marvin said…
Awesome tutorial on storing "oregano" julie;) Yeah, right, oregano.

Also very cool that you've been freelancing for ehow! I'm gonna have to look into that.
Julie said…
Thanks, Marvin! Writing for eHow is a good opportunity, and I'm glad I came across it. =)

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