Clementine Tarts for BloggerAid

This is one of my most favorite personal recipes, ever. But I'm sorry, dear readers. You can't have this recipe. Not just yet, anyway. No bite of cool, creamy, sweet, tangy clementine and yogurt tart over a crisp shortbread cookie base for you--not just yet.
Clementine curd tarts

I'm sending it to BloggerAid. We're putting together a cookbook, which they will sell to raise funds to benefit School Meals, one of The World Food Programme's projects. Bookmark the BloggerAid site. If they use my recipe, they will tell you how to get it. ;)

More teasers below the cut.

Clementine curd tart

Clementine curd tart


Ivy said…
Hi Julie, sorry for not visiting your blog earlier. You have a lovely blog and your recipe looks so good, so do your pictures. Thanks for contributing to the cookbook. I can't wait to see the recipe.
Bellini Valli said…
Thank you for submitting your recipe for the BloggerAid cookbook and for raising awareness.
I love your little tart :) So yummy. Can't wait for the recipe to come out to try it out. :)
Julie said…
Thanks, all! It was fun to make! I'm proud as ever that I had something to submit to such a worthy cause!

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