Post from the Past*: Labor Day burgers, Burrow style

*These are posts I wrote a long time ago, but didn't post when I wrote them--I figured now would be a good time because I don't have class this week or next.

How to grill burgers, Burrow style
Labor Day burgers

Since I'm in a condo, I don't have a grill, but I do have a grill pan. I won't get that nice smokey flavor that a charcoal grill will impart, but I can get that yummy, deep, charred flavor on a grill pan. I don't have a toaster or toaster oven, either, and while I could just toast the bread under my the broiler, I thought a simple pan would save energy (and keep the kitchen from heating up too much).

Toasting the buns
Labor Day burgers

Woot for toasty! You could brush them with some melted butter before toasting, too, but here, I just wanted crunch, and a platform that wouldn't submit and collapse to grill juices--a burger pet peeve of mine. When it comes to most sandwiches, even grilled cheese, maybe even especially grilled cheese, I love toasted bread.
Labor Day burgers

One is ground chuck, the other is a portabella burger. Just slide them on, and don't touch them for 5-7 minutes. Then flip 'em and grill 'em for anothyer 4-6.
Labor Day burgers

Cheddar is better
Labor Day burgers

Labor Day burgers

And yeah, I put my veggies on the bottom. I consider it extra protection for the bun from burger juice. No, it doesn't prevent your tongue from tasting the burger, since you get it once you start chewing, and no, it doesn't get more wilty than if you put it on top (heat rises, yeah?). I totally think this stuff out too much. ;)


Kitt said…
Looks really tasty! Way better than my old housemates' non-grill burgers, which consisted of nuked patties on untoasted Wonder Bread.
Julie said…
Oh, I've done the nuked patties on Wonderbread, too. You have to start somewhere!

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